28 February 2010

January Review

No one ever commented on our monthly resumes that are posted soon after the month in question has elapsed. That's not to say people don't find them useful. We have had positive reaction following these twelve such posts for 2009 being grouped together in our handy LEYTR's 2009 Summary post. We plan to continue with the monthly summaries if only for the ease of reference to stories covered through inclusion in our annual summary posts.

1st: We kick of 2010 with our 2009 Summary.

2nd: Traditionally, news stories over holiday periods are pretty thin on the ground, and to reflect this we bring you news of a new pet passport scheme introduced in Yorkshire.

3rd: Union members at First Captial Connect threatened to strike over their latest pay offer. We look at the likely extension to the already delayed Thameslink project this could have.

5th: Such was the harsh winter this year, that National Express listed scores and scores of towns, villages and cities that it found were inaccessible due to the snow.

6th: Ipswich Borough Council enter into talks with the Go-Ahead Group over a part-sale of its municipal bus operation, Ipswich Buses.

8th: The long-awaited report by the OFT into the competitiveness of the bus industry saw the decision pass to the Competition Commission, who thus began their own two-year inquiry. We also looked at a request by First for the agreement to which it was bound when it purchased the ScotRail, imposing minimum service levels of bus routes in the same area, to be overturned, so that these routes can be severely cut-back.

9th: News broke that Nexus, the Tyne & Wear PTE, chose to award the contract to operate and maintain the T&W Metro to the German state railway company, DB Reigo.

10th: We look at the pros and cons of running bus and rail services on Boxing Day.

11th: There had been thousands of stranded and inconvenienced Eurostar passengers over the Christmas period. We take a look at what exactly went wrong.

13th: Quite by surprise, we stumbled across a fascination TV series called Great British Railway Journeys, fronted by Michael Portillo. One of the first episodes saw Portillo return to the line his intervention as Transport Minister saved from closure during the 1980s.

14th: Contributing writer CW brings us an unfortunate Quote of the Week.

15th: A new tool has been created that looks at which dense urban areas receive the best bus service. As well as the agreed pantheon of excellence were a few surprises - Derby being one.

16th: We allow a Union Chairman to have his say over the recent news that a High Court judge stopped BA's cabin crew from striking over the Christmas period.

18th: We reveal to the uninitiated what Headcodes are and why every train service in the country carries one.

19th: Eurostar reveals that its compensation bill following the Christmas problems will reach £10 million.

21st: Transport Secretary Lord Adonis reveals plans to extend the average train franchise length to around the 10-year mark.

22nd: We have a London Buses Fact of the Week to report.

23rd: RAIL's Editor, Nigel Harris, makes a fascinating comparison between Eurostar's compensation payout and that which US passenger aviation companies are bound by.

24th: Chiltern Railway unveils its Evergreen 3 project.

25th: Southern Vectis' aim to increase its ridership and revenue, while at the same time taking part in a scheme launched by the government to actually increase car ownership, has won an award.

26th: We have a look at the 2010 Transit Power 50.

27th: From the start of the year, Oyster pay-as-you-go has been valid on virtually all National Rail services in Greater London. Our very own LEYTR Stig takes a look at the details.

29th: Transport group Arriva signals it has been in preliminary talks with French state-owned subsidiary Keolis. Could this give Arriva a foothold into France?

30th: With news of the Competition Commissions ruling that Stagecoach must sell its Preston Bus business, we look at the other big bus-related story in the city: the bus station's looming demise.

31st: Despite TM Travel's long-term future being assure when purchased by the Wellglade Group at the end of the year, its preserved fleet was less safe. Virtually everything needed a new home!

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