02 September 2008


A couple of LEYTR members have emailed following Saturday's post, in which I reported the TNS UK survey that claimed 74% of motorists would not give up their car until public transport became free to use. In so doing I may have mistakenly given the impression that I do not think patronage is increasing on public transport. This was not intended. Clearly patronage is increasing though the percentage of this increase that comes directly from motorists leaving their cars behind is, in the LEYTR area, negligible in my opinion (based from observations and from speaking to a handful of operators).

We've shyed away from being political on this blog, mainly because the LEYTR is not a political magazine - it merely reflects the transport happenings in Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire. This blog is an extention of this ethos and aims to give you a flavour of what we come across as editors, but on a UK-wide scale: the weird & wonderful, the stupid, the funny, the ridiculous and the serious! Not to mention our own experiences using public transport.