03 June 2007

33 more ties

I went to the house of the painter at Stagecoach's HQ in Lincoln last night. He's called Sam and is the chap I gave £40 to for 20 ties I bought from his extensive and unique collection at the LVVS Rally on Easter Sunday.

I'd arranged to meet him again to perouse the collection further and after finishing work last night went to his home near Lincoln. I sorted the ties into three piles - "no", "maybe" and "yes!" but it soon became clear that there was no need for a maybe pile as this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I included them all into the yes pile.

The collection does not belong to him but to the former Operation and Engineering Director of Lincolnshire Road Car Company Limited, Derek Bradley, who retired at the end of last year. This was the exquisite collection Derek had collected throughout his career within the bus industry, known towards the end as Mr RoadCar himself.

I purchased 33 ties in total and gave Sam £60 - money that's going towards an ex Lincoln City Transport Leyland Olympian (645) he's restoring. Money well spent and going to a good cause in my opinion!!!