03 March 2009

February Review

We blogged slightly more than once a day during February, with a total of 33 entried. Here's a look at what we covered:

1st: Changes to the National Express East Coast website meant it is not as good as it used to be.

2nd: We summarised the blog entries covered during January.

3rd: The Big Freeze came to the UK, doing what Hitler couldn't manage: grounding London's bus fleet!

4th: DB Schenker's chief executive feels that passenger services are too punctual and that this is having a detrimental effect on his freight services.

5th: One of what are appearing to be numerous rogue Underground signs was spotted beneath the surface.

6th: News of a Tornado warning filled the hearts of rail enthusiasts with absolute joy.

9th: Arriva Trains Wales' drivers stage perfectly legitimate strike action that their employers were powerless to prevent. We muse on whether such lucrative driver contracts are welcome in this 24/7 society of ours.

10th: Level crossing misuse is on the rise and was reported extensively today. We show a couple of the videos that Network Rail released to show the dangers of those running the flashing red lights.

11th: A bumper of entries today: the first showed just how much snow Skegness and the Lincolnshire Coast endured back in January 1987; the second showed photos of Network Rail's Gauging Train (formed of Class 31s) visiting Skegness); the third was a shot of the new InterConnect livery applied to a Stagecoach Volvo B7TL seen in Louth; the fourth detailed alterations to Louth area shopper services; the fifth gave details of the fascinating SABRE road website; and the sixth contemplated just how green first-class travellers are.

12th: Saw us report on the Bus Slogan Generator; a fire at the Gainsborough Lea Road signal box; a further shot of the new InterConnect livery - this time at Skegness; that the green light had been given by the DfT for new Hitachi trains for the ECML; that tolls are expected to rise yet again to cross the Humber Bridge; and that taxi fares in London are to increase.

17th: We show an interesting table that details the longest bus routes in England.

18th: Yet another spoof Underground sign is spotted; a Stagecoach in Lincolnshire vehicle is involved in a serious accident; and that the Great Train Robbery was back in the news.

19th: Virgin try to protect its revenue and loses, but not before Network Rail has got the lawyers in!

20th: Residents in two of Nottingham's suburbs are annoyed that markings for the provisional work needed to complete the proposed NET extension are taking place without their consent.

21st: Americans devise a Bus-wait Formula.

23rd: NXEC provide a curt response to claims from Sir Richard Branson that his Virgin Trains company would be willing to take-over the operation of services along the ECML if NXEC were finding it too financially problematic.

24th: The Isles of Scilly receives £51k on a technicality.

25th: Warrington Bank Quay's No Kissing Zone makes national headlines this week, but the full story is not reported. We take over....

26th: We report the maiden voyage of a direct rail service linking Corby with central London.

28th: We end the month of a bad note, that Wrightbus is to make a quarter of its workforce redundant.