11 February 2009

Exit 158 - Return 156!

From 28 August last year, the Stagecoach in Lincolnshire Services 156 (Caistor-Louth) and 158 (Market Rasen-Louth) were withdrawn. Both operated one journey each way on Wednesdays only, with the intention that they would be replaced by demand-responsive Call Connect services.

It was subsequently decided to reinstate Service 158 route from 5 November, again operated by Stagecoach, and also on Fridays as well as Wednesdays. It is to be withdrawn again, albeit replaced with the TransLinc Service 3L from 16 February. This time it will operate Mondays to Fridays with two journeys each way between Market Rasen and Louth. The timetable for this can be seen here. It will now form part of the Call Connect network

The final day of operation on the Stagecoach Service 158 will be 13 February. From 18 February, they will resume operation of Service 156 (Caistor-Louth) on Wednesdays and also on Fridays. The timetable for this can be seen here.

Illustrated below is Stagecoach's Volvo B10M/Alexander 20498 (M608 WET) at Louth bus station on 30 January, before working the 158 to Market Rasen. Please click on the photo for a larger version. (PW)