11 February 2009

On the Road

Those of you with an interest in the roads themselves may be interested in two websites which provide a wealth of information.

The first gives a very detailed history of the A1 (Great North Road) from London to Edinburgh.

Please click here to visit the site.

The other, by SABRE (Society for All British Road Enthusiasts), contains a wealth of information, including a detailed description of every A-road in the UK - an ongoing project, although all those in the LEYTR area appear to have been covered.

Some fascinating facts emerge, including one about the A16, which runs between Grimsby and Stamford:

The original A16 (before it had lots of bypasses built) had 16 mile stretches between all of its towns:
Grimsby to Louth = 16 miles
Louth to Spilsby = 16 miles
Spilsby to Boston = 16 miles
Boston to Spalding = 16 miles
Spalding to Stamford = 16 miles
The A16 also utilises what is thought to be the lengthiest section of road built on dismantled railway - 12 miles - between Spalding and Boston.

To visit the site, please click here. (PW/GL)