04 September 2011

A different kind of Tornado

On this blog, when we refer to a Tornado, we mean the world's newest steam engine, built from scratch using original plans for the Peppercorn Class A1 that saw their heyday in the 1960s. A wonder to behold (though neither of us has yet to catch up with her - when we do, the video will be uploaded to our YouTube stream).

Elsewhere, a reference to a Tornado means something very different. The following video shows how a goods train in the USA is affected as it passes through one of these destructive winds. Keep with the video, though, as the action doesn't get going until after 1:05, but the fall-out is truly astonishing.

We are fortunate that we seldom suffer from winds of this strength here in the UK.


Les Savine said...

Speaking of Tornado, she's visiting Lincoln on the Cathedrals Express this coming Thursday 15/9/2011

LEYTR said...

Excellent. One of us will aim to get there.