04 September 2011


We've recently installed Google Analytics to the blog and have just been looking through its interface (sorry!) compared to the others we use (Statcounter and Site Meter). Interesting to note are the varied most used keywords that direct users to our blog:

10 - Citylink Gold
9 - TM Travel
8 - Derbyshire Wayfarer price rise
7 - LEYTR Blog
6 - Your Bus Nottingham
5 - Inside a Citylink Gold coach
4 - Ryanair logo
3 - Greater London
2 - A Transport of Delight

Not one is railway related. We are linked very highly on a number of railway websites and one blog in particular. We also get a lot of 'railway' traffic from links posted on forums (some of which we can't view as we're not memebers!). And when we cover rail issues, we don't delve as deep into traction types as we do vehicle types in the bus industry.

Perhaps the most surprising finding is that each web counter suggests different keyword analysis in their own top 10. Even during the same period selected. I'm personally shocked by the level of Citylink Gold enquiries. Perhaps we should book a trip to Glasgow to satisfy more of the readers? Until then, this is the best we can do:

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