29 May 2011

Within 12 minutes...

In response to realitycheck's comment on the last post, we offer the following video, recently uploaded to the LEYTR video channel on YouTube.

As one London service departs, another arrives to form the second within twelve minutes. East Midlands Trains (EMT) departs at 0708 for Nottingham thence London via the Midland Main Line (MML) while East Coast's (EC) empty stock journey arrives from Neville Hill in Leeds to form the first Lincoln-London journey via the East Coast Main Line for 18 years.

Obvious differences between the two services include not only the route taken and traction type deployed but specifically the journey time. EMT's London service takes 2:52 while EC's takes 2:08. EMT's does offer Lincoln residents new direct journeys to localities along the MML, while EC's doesn't.

Oddly, EMT's departure does not present itself when using the impartial National Rail search engine - even when St Pancras International is specifically mentioned for the London station at which arrival is preferred. Unless you're a lover of the Meridian (or despise HSTs) there can't be many reasons why you'd opt for EMT's 0708 ex Lincoln.


realitycheck said...

And the point you are trying to make gentlemen?

Turkey Jim said...

Looks balanced argument to me.

Positives for both but a bit weird if the journey planners choose to omit EMT's journey.

Lincoln to Bedford is a journey I sometimes make. Will have to look to see if EMT calls there. Knowing my luck it wont.