23 December 2009

LEYTR Exclusive of '09

This accolade has been chosen by contributing writer 'CW'. We were therefore a little dismayed that he chose to award it to another contributing writer - 'Banshee' - for his exclusive detailing the demise of destination equipment maker Bright Tech Developments:

The Blog entry can be read here.

In what was seen as a result of the current economic downturn, Poole-based Bright Tech ceased trading at the end of May. Our entry resulted in trade magazines contacting us for details of its accuracy and we were only to pleased to put them right. Interestingly, two now follow the blog and one of which kindly forwards items of possible interest.

Not to detract from its gong, m'colleague and I felt out Virgin Trains exclusive last month was worth a mention: we detailed before anyone else that their best-ever punctuality figures.

Winner - Most Annoying Sign of '09: Nottingham City Council

Winner - Most Unfortunate Destination of '09: Stagecoach Cambridgeshire

Winner - Most Spectacular Crash of '09: US Airways