19 May 2009

Bright Tech to cease trading?

First it was admin positions then bus body manufacturers, now a stalwart in providing Digital Destination Technology, Bright Tech Developments, is to cease trading "very soon indeed" to save going bankrupt, we understand.

Having been founded in 1986, the Poole-based company has provided the dot matrix and now LED displays seen by millions around the UK. From the old dot matrix displays on East Lancs and Alexander-bodied Olympians to the Mercedes-Benz 709D minibuses with Alexander Belfast bodies, Bright Tech Developments has been an integral part of the bus industry.

They - like any good business - progressed and developed their product to meet the ever-changing requirements of the industry and has arguably been the front-runner in providing the new, colour LED displays that some bus and tram operators now choose to have. They're also the driving force behind power blinds, that see destination blinds scroll automatically - a requirement that is approved by Transport for London, who do not permit digital destinations.

Despite competition from Mobitec and Hanover Displays, Bright Tech Developments has always been seen by the industry as a sound pair of hands. Providing not just destination equipment, but cctv packages and pre-recorded audio announcements requesting passengers wear seat belts, not to smoke etc.. If, as we've been lead to believe, they are to voluntarily cease trading soon, it's hard to see how this company could have diversified further. ('Banshee')