24 December 2009

Favourite New Word of '09

"Some say that he really does exist; and that similar to Father Christmas he doesn't use doors either. All we know is, he's The LEYTR Stig!"

Having the remit of the 2009 LEYTR Blog archive to trawl through has provided me with a couple of ditties that made me smile, though being a railwayman, I've plumped for the wonderful turn of phrase used by Virgin Trains' employees to describe their set of Mk3 coaches that have been painted into the same style as those used on their Pendolino sets:


Congratulations to all at LEYTR for an excellent year's blogging and I look forward to reading entries destined for 2010. (The LEYTR Stig)

Winner - Most Annoying Sign of '09: Nottingham City Council

Winner - Most Unfortunate Destination of '09: Stagecoach Cambridgeshire

Winner - Most Spectacular Crash of '09: US Airways

Winner - LEYTR Eclusive of '09