25 December 2009

Favourite Video of '09

Contributing writer GWB takes his turn to review the LEYTR Blog for 2009 and detail his favourite entry.

There are quite a few to choose from! I've always found myself being naturally drawn to the many and varied YouTube videos uploaded throughout the year, and while the Manchester Bollards clip is nothing short of joyous, irrespective of the number of times viewed, for me the Favourite Video of '09 Award goes to CrossCountry for accidentally timing their local train service pass the station vantage point being used by railway enthusiasts, keen to capture world's newest steam train - Tornado. (GWB)

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Winner - Most Annoying Sign of '09: Nottingham City Council

Winner - Most Unfortunate Destination of '09: Stagecoach Cambridgeshire

Winner - Most Spectacular Crash of '09: US Airways

Winner - LEYTR Eclusive of '09: Bright Tech's Demise

Winner - Favourite New Word of '09: Virgin Trains