26 December 2009

Quote of the Year

We like the shocking, surprising, often meaningless one-liners made by those in the transport industry. There's nothing more satisfying than reading somewhere that a well-respected managing director or chief executive has actually said something as it really is. This year's gong goes to then Transport Minister Lord Andrew Adonis, who upon returning from a five-day All-lines Railrover tour of the UK, said:

"After my trip, the ticket [All-lines Railrover] seems to be better known. So what does ATOC do immediately on my return? They raise the price by a whopping 15% overnight, and mutter to my officials that they are worried about the ticket being misused. With friends like that, what enemies need the railways fear?"

His comment was totally unexpected from a transport minister, nay high-ranking politician in general, and served to illustrate two points:
  1. Lord Adonis was, as many political watchers had suggested, likely to be a ground-breaking transport minister who was more than willing to speak his own mind

  2. And that the Association of Train Operating Companies showed their true colours in raising the price of an All-lines Railrover days after Lord Adonis had assisted them in promoting it.
They take a lot more notice of Lord Adonis now, since his rise to Transport Sectretary! (GL)

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