11 December 2009

A change of route

We've linked to our favourite website for the UK's road network before, though this was a while back, so feel the need to give the people at SABRE another mention. The Society for All British and Irish Road Enthusiasts is a superb location for those with either a fleeting interest in or obsession with our road network.

The site provides a wealth of information, both historic and forthcoming. In our post back in February, we made reference to one of Lincolnshire's most prominent roads, the A16. An interesting fact, as revealed by SABRE, is that before by-passes were built, the main settlements along the road's length were all 16 miles apart.

We've spotted something else about to happen to the A16!

Road signs have been erected in southern Lincolnshire that suggest the A16 is to no longer travel to Stamford; instead, the road will head south from Spalding, becoming the trunk route currently under construction to Peterborough. This new road, known locally as the Crowland by-pass, is being built to eliviate traffic from the meandering A1073, which suffers from numerous accidents resulting from cross winds since much of the route is elevated. The section of A16 west of Spalding will become the A1175.

No mention of this is found on SABRE's site, though we've not trawled the member forums, so hopefully it's been picked up here. For such a historic route to suddenly drop its southern-most terminus in favour of the outskirts of Peterborough (which isn't even in Lincolnshire) needs commemorating!

The cost of signage alone must run into thousands, since the new A1175 is not being classified as a trunk route between Spalding-Stamford, so the yellow-on-green signs are being replaced with black-on-white ones. Only the major signs have been done so far, with adhesive A16 stickers masking anything that will show A1175 . (GL)

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