23 November 2009

The rail industry's David Bailey

Paul Bigland is a freelance railway photographer and anyone who dips into the rail media will be familiar with his work. Years ago, one of the first fotopic sites I bookmarked was that produced and constantly updated by Paul and I am happy to recommend it to anyone who likes rail photography.

One of my favourite shots of all times was recently uploaded to his site and it can be seen below.

I think in epitomises the ill-fortune with which the East Coast franchise has been plagued better than any words can, with the lasting impressions of both the NXEC and GNER vinyls still visibly noticeable. It's a sign of NXEC's lack of cash that this Class 91 still wears the livery of GNER.

There are many budding rail photographers out there and their work is easy to find using similar sites, but for me Paul Bigland's fotopic showcase (and his £3,000 digi-SLR camera!) beat the socks off the rest.

It's with regret that I must confess to having never got into photography, though people like Paul Bigland et al may well see me make a purchase come retirement time! ('Banshee')

Paul Bigland's fotopic site