05 September 2009

July Review

Only 18 posts for July. We had Internet problems if you remember. Happily we're no longer with the offending provider.

1st: A Stagecoach bus service in Cleethorpes has reverted to near identical operation from that in 1998. News broke today that National Express Group would no longer prop-up its arms-length National Express East Coast company, spelling the end of its operation of the East Coast franchise.

4th: We joined Twitter.

11th: The reason why we posted so little during July is resultant of our Internet Service Provider, who, we're happy to say, we're no longer with.

19th: LEYTR bus operator Delaine of Bourne purchased two second-hand Volvo B7RLEs with Wrightbus Eclipse Urban bodies. Following a weekend in London where the Underground network was effectively closed for 'planned' engineering work, we muse on how Heath Ledger's Oscar award-winning character The Joker would fair in the 'top job'.

21st: There was much talk of National Express Group losing all its rail franchises, following its NXEC default, though we spot how they may get away with retaining NXEA and c2c. They certainly wont be awarded anymore though! We were tipped-off that Stagecoach plan to introduce a maximum weight threshold for its workforce.

22nd: We uploaded a humerous video of disappointed railway photographers on a station somewhere in the Midlands. They laugh it off though, in contrast to what people attending football matches often resort to.

23rd: News reached us that the new Class 395 Javelin trains to operate a full service between Kent-St Pancras from December, are already operating overcrowded journeys - and only the preview timetable is in operation!

24th: It was said that in addition to Passenger Focus taking over the mantle as Bus Passenger Champion, the industry needs a popular figure to assist them - the bus equivalent of Jeremy Clarkson was put forward.

25th: We mark the closure of the Fenstanton base of Go Whippet - the premises was taken over at the end of the month by Stagecoach's Huntingdon operation.

26th: We know thousands out there often muse over what the "any permitted route" means on their train tickets. We introduce the incredibly complex Routeing Guide to make things as clear as, er, mud!

27th: London waves goodbye to its first bendy-buses as rigid versions take over.

28th: To celebrate 110 years of continuous transport operation in the city of Hull, Stagecoach has painted two of its fairly new ADL Tridents in commemorative liveries.

29th: Regrettably, due to Internet access problems this month, the third part of our historic LEYTR Top 'n' Tail jaunt had yet to be uploaded (plus the outstanding two parts). We righted the wrong today though.

30th: Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start - a cracking YouTube video to make you smile.

31st: Transport for London announced that it plans to sell its owned bus fleet, East Thames Buses, to the Go-Ahead Group, making them the largest bus operator in London.