07 July 2008

Back on track

Today I received the very latest Derbyshire timetable book. It is the North East Derbyshire booklet that contains all bus times of all services in the area. It was one of the two timetable books that had been withdrawn without replacement for much of June. There is nothing inside the latest reprived publication that states the reason for its delay in delivery or why the book is dated June 2008 yet wasn't distributed until early July.

It could even be considered prudent to intimate the longevity of this book's publication relies on people purchasing it and to thus justify its production costs within the County Council.

Perhaps "business as usual" is the preferred tactic, which is a shame; for quite a few weeks Derbyshire's residents lost their UK-leading timetable books and associated maps and tourist information contained within each publication. For them not to be told this or to be given the opportunity to support a local production for local people is ill-founded.

For a non-Derbyshire resident like me, someone - who unlike an Ilkeston resident for example - makes use of all timetable publications as I travel extensively throughout the whole county on a regular basis, it was a welcome sight to see land of my hallway mat!