03 November 2007

Pay offer: verdict

On 17 October we mentioned that Stagecoach in Peterborough drivers had been made a pay offer by their Managing Director, Andy Campbell. The result is as follows:

To accept the offer (45p increase year 1 with a 7 min increase in unpaid meal break and a 50p increase year 2 with an 8 min increase in unpaid meal break) - 62 votes.

To reject the offer - 25 votes.

National Express drivers were offered the above deal plus an option of a 1 year 'no strings' deal of 28p per hour, voted to accept the two-year deal by 7 votes to 2.

The pay offer, therefore, is accepted and from April 2008 drivers will be paid the following rates:

£8.63 Senior (generally those employed pre 1995)
£8.25 Outstation (Holbeach Drove, Oundle & March)
£8.20 National Express
£8.00 Citi (generally those employed post 1995)

all rates increase by 50p from April 2009.