04 November 2007

Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society - End of Season Event

Today marked the 'end of season' event at the Road Transport Museum, Whisby, Lincoln, at which the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society is based. We at the LEYTR have good links with this Society, having numerous members of 'theirs' as paying members of 'ours'. We are, of course, more a literary production whereas they do an excellent job of preserving a vast number of vehicles local to the Lincolnshire area and have a very active membership who not only pay to be a member of the LVVS but provide their time and expertise in restoring these old vehicles for free.

In keeping with the LEYTR not only buses are kept at the site: vintage cars are looked after, too, and on event days a large number of these are brought by their owners and displayed at one of the sites.

There is always a good turn-out to these events, more so this one as it does signal the start of the short days and long winter months ahead, plus many, many LEYTR members are in attendance and it is always good to catch-up. Unusually the LEYTR Committee was thin on the ground with only myself, our Treasurer Richard and our Secretary Ken there, though Richard and Mervyn who provide news of our larger bus operators were in attendance.

I parked at the Moorland Centre on Tritton Road around noon; this is the main parking locality for the public - parking at the Museum being very scarce - and a timetabled 15 min bus service is operated between there and the Museum, using many visiting vehicles and those owned by the Society. Myself and Richard rode on a Delaine's only Leyland Tiger, 100 (E100 AFW). It was driven by the (hopefully!) impartial trade magazine editor, Mike Morgan of 'routeone' notoriety. I had spotted Kevin Delaine-Smith though very frustratingly on these occasions it's difficult to get round to saying hello to everyone.

Delaine weren't in attendance at the Easter Event though on this occasion also brought one of their soon-to-be-withdrawn ex GM Buses Leyland Atlanteans, 133 (ANA 9Y). My forte is not ancient buses; I don't remember them, never saw them in service, and so have no natural affiliation to them though will happily photograph them and ride on them. Myself, Richard and LEYTR member Steve boarded one of the vehicles forming the last (5pm) departures for a city tour of Lincoln, with a photo stop near the Cathedral and an alighting stop at Lincoln rail station and the Moorland Centre where I got off to drive home.

I'll upload all the photos to my fotopic in due course and will add a couple to this entry soon, too, so check back in the near future.