15 August 2015

From the August Archive

A number of notable local news stories took place during Augusts in years past.

August 1980 - 35yrs ago
Road Car was given permission to pick up and set down within Lincoln City Transport's operating area on 11 August, charging LCT fares. As a quid pro quo, LCT gained its long-term desire to serve Birchwood Estate. No co-ordination exited between either operator at this time.

On 31 August Stamford lost a bus depot when United Counties closed its sub-depot in the town and the majority of local services were handed over the other local operators.

August 1985 - 30yrs ago
Lincoln's West Signal Box was demolished on 10 August, following its purchase for £42 by a 14-year-old school boy.

August 1995 - 20yrs ago
The success of Stagecoach Express Service 909 (Grimsby/Hull - Sheffield) was such that Stagecoach was operating duplicates using vehicles from Grimsby depot's Peter Sheffield Coaches division. Generally coaches would wait at Gallows Wood lay-by for incoming coaches from Grimsby and Hull and following the transfer of passengers, would take the excess.

12 August saw the end of Routemaster operation in Hull, when EYMS chose with withdraw the iconic vehicle type. The vehicles were latterly used on the route they first made an appearance - Services 56/56A (Longhill).

August 2000 - 15yrs ago
In one of the largest schemes of its kind at the time, Railtrack replaced a pair of twin iron bridges that carried the ECML over the River Trent near Newark on 26-28 August. The repair work cost £8 million.

August 2005 - 10yrs ago
Fire beset a National Express coach working Service 447 (Lincoln - London) on 7 August, following an electrical problem in the engine compartment of Stagecoach in Peterborough's Volvo B10M/Jonckheere 52620 (S460 BCE), which was burned within minutes out on the A1 at Great Casterton.

August 2010 - 5yrs ago
Staying with National Express, and, indeed, Stagecoach in Peterborough, the latter introduced six Plaxton Elite-bodied Volvo B9Rs into service, replacing 52-reg Volvo B12M/Plaxton Paragons during August.