14 September 2012

"Almost died"

This video is quite a shocker. The only reason why I knew he'd not been squished into an early grave is because it was filmed on the streets of London and we don't allow that sort of thing to find its way online.

This video was shown to me at the Driver CPC course I undertook at the start of the year. I've got nothing against cyclists whatsoever and am hoping the great results Team GB won so deservedly during the Olympic Games will spur on a cycling revolution.

The problem cycling clubs have in promoting their sport, however, is that absolutely anyone can jump on a bike and cause havoc on the roads. Not so for lorries, buses, coaches or cars. Cyclists are generally untraceable and often have no or very little knowledge of the road/path on which they're cycling. Their cycles do not need to meet minimum safety standards every year - there's no need for them to be checked by anyone, ever.

All the above makes cycling very accessible, but more elements than ever are left to the conscience of the cyclist themselves and this is where the problems are located.


Anonymous said...

Cyclists like this give the sensible riders out there a bad name. Hope he considers himself lucky to be alive.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those lunatic courier races - it's not representative of anything else.

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