06 October 2011

Crash Map

My father now surfs the web on a mobile device and has been forwarding me anything vaguely transport related that he comes across on his virtual travels. He has yet to discover this blog! The most interesting to date is Crash Map. A fascinating, if slightly macarbre, interractive map that plots all road traffic collisions on Britain's roads.

It categorises road traffic collisions into Slight, Serious and Fatal and covers the period between 2005-10, with users able to highlight a particular or multiple year(s).

If it doesn't belittle the devastation that accompanies fatal road accidents, the map is fascinating. I think we all know the areas locally where bad accidents have occurred. Some involved buses and coaches, though mercifully few.

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This shows the picturesque Lincolnshire market town of Horncastle, virtually oblitterated by accident markers. Only 1 fatal, but there have been 183 collisions in this area since 2005.

The Lincolnshire Fens make for particularly grim viewing. Lincolnshire suffers from very high road collisions and fatalities, with motorists becoming too familiar with the county's relatively empty roads. The lack of motorways also means all motorists have to negotiate meandering minor roads to get from A to B. We have some very linear dual-carriageways and former Roman roads that make getting from, say, Stamford to Cleethorpes not as arduous as you'd think.

Crash Map

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