20 June 2011

A gift

Many thanks to The Grammarian for the following:

Sirs, I offer you a gift to spread on the side of your Polish coach. It's the real deal, so Mr Souter will surely approve!

He was of course referring to our faux pas in the recent PolskiBus post, which came to light when a comment was received bringing this to our attention. He should have said that this was a large 'bloc' of stalk, of course, but we welcome the gesture nonetheless.

He also offered us some of this:

But that's fool-proof as it's spelt the same!!

A couple of years ago we were some one of these:

after this blog entry about Preston Bus. But that was a genuine play on words - bus drivers using their soles to keep the vehicles moving etc... We thought it was pretty clever at the time!!!

Many thanks all the same :-)


Anonymous said...

I got the 'sole' blog at the time you wrote it. Didn't spot the stork. U must have changed it before I logged on. Mr Sheen is my favoutite. Wonder if they do a special Polidh polish?

Anonymous said...

*Polish polish even