15 November 2010

Even more dubious 44-minute claim

Next weekend, m'colleague is travelling back from London King's Cross aboard an East Coast service to Peterborough and then on to Lincolnshire by car. He booked his tickets last night and was amazed to see his journey is timetabled to take just 44 minutes, not 45. Check back next week to see if this is actually attained. It would appear Sunday is the best day for a 44-minute northbound journey time between King's Cross and Peterborough, presumably owing to the reduction in congestion along the ECML. A quick check has provided the following journey times on the Sabbath (omitting any EC train that calls at Stevenage):

44 mins = 21 trains
45 mins = 3 trains
46 mins = 2 trains
47 mins = 2 trains
48 mins = 0 trains
49 mins = 1 train

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