22 November 2010

44 minutes

Sadly, East Coast's advertised 44-minute journey last night did not materialise. The 2000 EC London-Leeds actually took 48 minutes to reach Peterborough and departed a few minutes late, too. Inbound services to King's Cross were all late enough for passengers to start claiming refunds and, actually, East Coast should be congratulated for the manner in which they turned round the trains.

I suspect mine was 'pinched' from another diagram as those with reservations for coach G had to look to coach F (it was a HST, suspect it should have been a '91') and coach C was labelled thusly on the exterior but coach D on the interior. It was all confusing but I didn't spot any problems and as much was done as was physically possible to ensure the train load all boarded within 5 minutes. This is no mean feat.

This was the end to my day in London, where a former colleague was dragged along while I went 'box ticking' on the London Underground network. I'd never visited Amersham before - I'd got tantalisingly close, having travelled to Chesham via Chalfont & Latimer, but not made it to the LU station furthest from central London. I'd also not travelled on the London Overground network south to West Croydon. I've still got the Crystal Palace branch to do though.

Photo uploads to follow.

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