10 November 2009

September Review

We blogged 28 times during September and covered a vast array of subjects!!

1st: We reveal how Stagecoach have altered their party line on drivers who exceed the maximum weights for certain driving seats.

3rd: Contributing writer 'GWB' gives details of First's large pot of money, available for its drivers who can demonstrate they've been driving more efficiently. Looking at the size of the pot available, First hope to save many millions of pounds! We also revealed for the first time the approach by the Cosmen Consortium for National Express Group.

4th: The Competition Commission make a preliminary statement over Stagecoach's acquisition of Preston Bus, and it's not good news for Stagecoach.

5th: We review our entries for July.

6th: With news of Greyhound's imminent operation, National Express retaliate with news of additional coaches to the same destination as those targeted by Greyhound.

7th: Govia's London Midland train operating company cancels hundreds of journeys after its drivers legitimately choose to stay at home.

8th: Contributing writer 'GWB' says: "We've all heard of 'jobsworths' - especially those that prevent genuine hobbyists from going about their peaceful hobby. Upminster station is the location of one such incident, though we understand LUL have apologised for the 'confusion' (ill-education? - Eds)."

9th: Stagecoach make no secret of the fact they're interested in as much of the National Express Group as they can get their hands on. We report that Stagecoach has made representations to the Cosmen Consortium to take off their hands anything they don't want, should their purchase of NEG be successful.

10th: Christian Wolmar provides our quote of the week. We also provide a little spot the difference of our own.

11th: Contributing writer 'CW' exclusively reveals that in some areas of the UK, the majority of texts sent to numbers affixed to bus stop flags are abusive and threatening.

12th: We update the situation regarding free bus travel for concessions in England.

14th: We give further insight into Network Rail's vision for High Speed 2 and welcome our very own The Stig, who spills be beans about the new-look Tube Map.

18th: We delve deep into the LEYTR Postbag in our own Points of View-style entry and detail that the railways in Europe aren't always as good as people would have us believe.

20th: National Express details how you can bling your own coach.

21st: We visit the Johnson Bros./Redfern Travel running day and the Meadowhall Bus Rally over the same weekend.

22nd: Contributing writer 'RW' reports how, without a fanfare, Arriva's Derby operation has conformed to 100% low-floor running for quite some time.

23rd: We've all had bad days. One of the Editors' included missing numerous photographic opportunities because he was in a rush.

24th: We detail how the Prime Minister gives his backing to a new high-speed rail line and are one of the first to report what is understood to be HS2 Ltd's preferred route options.

25th: The Stig reports that following the Mayor of London's intervention, the Thames will be reinstated on the Tube Map and we detail how you can view the Showbus Programme for free online.

26th: Our pun of the month goes to today's entry, detailing a bike-relating initiative for Merseyrail.

27th: Showbus 2009 took place today, so we had our own out-of-office reply.

28th: There are various deadlines looming for PCVs to comply to UK-determined accessibility law. We outline which types of vehicle are affected and when they must conform.

29th: Go-Ahead's Keith Ludeman gives the first clear sign that drivers who do not/cannot improve their driving efficiency will be shown the door.

30th: We review Showbus 2009 - a day so warm I got sunburnt.