22 October 2009

Quotes of the week

"For two miles of railway you can travel.....two miles. For two miles of runway you can travel.....anywhere in the world." said Roger Wiltshire, Secretary General of the British Air Transport Association.

Well he would, wouldn't he?!

Mr Wiltshire was politely alluding to the aviation industry being as successful as it is without receiving massive subsidies - the exact opposite of the rail industry. This isn't quite true: airlines receive a £10bn a year tax break on fuel, by not paying fuel duty or VAT on kerosene.

New Transit reported in its latest edition that Ryanair chief executive Michael O' Leary did purchase in 2004 a Hackney Carriage plate for his Mercedes-Benz car, affixing it to the rear, thus enabling said motor car to be classified as a taxi, which permits him to make use of Dublin's bus lanes.

We wonder if the latter is something Mr Wiltshire would consider? - Eds.