18 September 2009


Tuesday's entry, by our new writer The Stig, saw 19 emails to the LEYTR inbox on the subject of the new Transport for London (TfL) Tube Map. The second to communicate was from a source working for TfL who said that the Tube Map has been produced on a trial basis though with a production running into many tens of thousands of copies. This is why, at the time of writing, the previous edition is still downloadable from the TfL website.

The TfL respondent, who asked not to be named, said that the maps displayed at Tube stations - specifically those at the self-service ticket machines, will continue to show "at least" the 9 different zones. With the advent of Oyster and the buses and trams no longer conforming to zones, it would appear they're becoming less and less relevant.

As for The Stig, only one person enquired as to his identity. We'll let this be known the day Clarkson et al unveil their Stig on Top Gear. Incidentally, another question we've been asked a few times in the past, is whether or now our contributor 'CW' is in fact Chirstian Wolmar. Sadly not.

Finally - comments. Many emails to the LEYTR inbox start with "sorry to email you directly, but you've not got a comments feature on your blog..." That's ok, we don't mind. By emailing us your thoughts and comments, we're able to respond to them all - eventually. The comment feature is something we've considered enabling, but while the steady stream of emails continue, and we're able to respond at a similar velocity, we're happy to keep things the way they are. (PW/GL)