23 September 2009


Imagine the scene: you're in a rush to catch a train - the 1805 Newark Northgate to Lincoln Central to be precise. You've arrived at the station but need to purchase a ticket. With literally a minute to spare you run over the footbridge to the furthest platform from the entrance (isn't it always the case?) and actually thank the guard for waiting, even though you're pretty sure he was simply just stood there, minding his own business anyway.

You sink into your seat, thankful that you've made your train. A minute passes, maybe two; "Why haven't we left yet?" To be honest, you're not that bothered since you've made the train in any case.

Just as you start to fall asleep, you hear a whistle sound and Tornado, the world's newest steam engine flies through on the 'up' line faster than you can stand up, let alone get your camera out while dashing to leave the train.

If only you'd been on time arriving at the station, you'd have seen the hoards of camera-laden people and would have asked what they were waiting for. You'd probably have seen the plume of smoke coming from her funnel as she approached in the distance and would have double-checked with your train guard that your train wouldn't be 'given the road' until she'd passed through.

"Still," I thought to myself, "it is only a world-famous, iconic steam engine after all" and seconds later Grand Central's swish-looking new-liveried Class 180 'Adelante' ("James Heriot") shot by on the 'down' line!! Grrrrr. (GL)