22 July 2009

The worst possible moment

Those of us who've spent many a day out there photographing public transport know only too well how frustrating it can be to wait for a particular vehicle (we're hoping to head to Hull soon for a shot of the Stagecoach trident there in KHCT livery to commemorate 110 years of the former municipal operator - Eds.) only for a cyclist, lorry or pedestrian to pass by at the worst possible moment.

The YouTube clip below shows one such example, where rail enthusiasts, keen to capture the world's most recent steam engine, have their hopes dashed....

These rail photographers, who are likely to have been on the platform a good hour or so before the train passed, laugh it off. They do not become filled with venom any have to vent their anger on each other, rail workers or cars in the station car park on their way home. There are certain sections of society who need to take note and learn from how these people deal with a knock-back! (CW)