28 July 2009

Hull's celebrations

July sees two anniversaries in the city of Hull: the first commemorates 110 years of public transport in the city and the second marks the centenary of motor bus services therein. To mark these two historic occasions, Stagecoach in Hull, whose antecedents were first formed in 1899, has painted two of its modern-day vehicles in special, commemorative liveries.

Below is ADL Trident 2/ADL ALX400, 18435 (YN06 LMM), wearing the Hull Corporation livery, dating back to the 1930s and worn by all vehicles until 1972.

Below is ADL Trident 2/ADL ALX400, 18434 (YN06 LML), wearing the 1980s version of the Kingston upon Hull City Transport (KHCT) livery, including the three KHCT crown emblems.

In all my years in the bus industry, I've never, ever seen two liveries that completely transform what is a bog-standard double-decker bus body in such different ways before. At first glance they don't even look like ADL deckers!

We are, of course, celebrating these two significant anniversaries in greater depth in the forthcoming LEYTR magazine. To subscribe click here. (GL)