26 March 2009

Stagecoach need to proof-read

It's not just Megabusplus' strapline that's missing a much-needed hyphen!

Stagecoach has been 'Best Impressionised' like so many of the UK's largest bus companies (and a fair few smaller ones, too). Their corporate livery for the new century is a product of Mr Stenning, as are some of the named networks, such as 'citi'.

Here is a shot of the back-end of one of their buses in East Anglia. Reversing off its stand in Peterborough, excellent use of the third-party, advert-free rear-end (plenty of hyphens here!) space with a Best Impressions-designed advert for their weekly ticket.

Yet it makes me cringe as it's clearly missing an apostrophe, a hyphen and a comma. (There has been the occasional 'gem' on this blog, too - Eds.)

Ignoring the obvious lack of capitalisation, 7 days' unlimited travel. It's a no-brainer, really is how it should be written. I wonder how many others have spotted this? (CW)