16 March 2009

Cobham Rally - 5 April

In just under three weeks one of the largest bus rallies of the year takes place at Cobham. Interest is especially high - not least as it's a great day out, but it's also one of the first of the season.

The Cobham Bus Museum Spring Gathering at the Wisely Airfield, just off the A3, will the taking place on Sunday 5 April from 10am. This year, as an added bonus, the Brain Child - the lead singer of which used to play with Screaming Lord Sutch - will be offering live music.

As with previous years, around 300 vehicles will be on display, with a 'southern' feel to the majority. For the entrance fee of £10, unlimited free bus rides between the airfield and the museum site can be enjoyed and a miniature bus for children will also be available.

This year's rally theme will the the infamous London Transport RT decker and RF single-decker and it is these vehicles that will offer the majority of free rides throughout the day.

Further details can be found by clicking here. (GL)