07 December 2008

At Tesco's heels

A list of the top 250 most admired companies in the UK has been assembled by Management Today. The full list contains only 10 transport companies, of which Stagecoach comes out on top in an impressive 6th position.

Its nearest rival in terms of market share is First, which comes in markedly lower in 99th place. Bottom of the transport companies is Aer Lingus, which came in 214th position.

We all know the impressive brand image Tesco have nurtured over the years and yet this multi-national hypermarket could only muster one place above that of Brian's firm! Obviously an immediately recognisable brand does not necessarily mean it's as equally well admired.

Most admired transport sector companies 2008

1. Stagecoach (6th overall)
2. National Express (33rd overall)
3. Go Ahead Group (79th overall)
4. Arriva (82nd overall)
5. easyJet (87th overall)
6. First (99th overall)
7. Ryanair (120th overall)
8. Avis Europe (132nd overall)
9. British Airways (144th overall)
10. Aer Lingus (214th overall)