03 August 2008

A bumpy highway

St. Aidan Road in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, has pot-holes so deep and potentially hazardous that local bus operator EYMS has chosen divert its hourly Flamborough service away from the road.

The news broke at the start of last month with the Bridlington Free Press originally carrying the story. This evening local news programme Look North (Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire) also added their weight to the local residents' campaign to have the road re-surfaced. Bob Rackley, Commercial Manager for EYMS, said that the pot-holes were so bad that passengers could become injured while seated and that the potential for damage to his firm's vehicles operating Service 510 was also likely.

This is not the first case of a road making local news headlines for the poor state of its tarmac, but it is the first time to our knowledge that, despite the media campaign, East Riding of Yorkshire Council are refusing the re-prioritise work to re-surface the road and claim that a likely period to wait is around 4 years. Despite a local councillor joining the criticisms the only reassurance ERYC can give is that the priority for each scheme can be altered from time-to-time.

The road has not been touched in over 40 years and when work does start the entire street needs bottoming, digging-up and re-laying.

It's also a four-year wait for the next bus, too!