03 May 2009

LCLR Reborn (Part Two)

As mentioned previously in this blog, today was the official reopening of the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway at the Water Leisure Park, Ingoldmells. Ex-WD diesel "Major" provided regular trips along the relaid track hauling one of the Ashover carriages. LEYTR was there to capture the occasion in photographs and video (please click on any photo for a larger version).

The locomotive wore a special commemorative headboard.

The present "end of the line" is alongside the airstrip. As yet no station has been built here although it is possible the the line may be extended beyond this point in the distant future.

Approaching the tight curve

After arrival at the new Lakeview station

An overview of the site from a nearby hill illustrates the loco shed on the left and Lakeview station on the right.

Some video footage of the train arriving at Lakeview station

Full details will be included in the next LEYTR. (PW)