24 April 2009


Stagecoach in Lincolnshire's open top bus service has now commenced at Skegness. The first of the MCW's back in service was 15952 (WOI 3002), which worked some service 1A's on Thursday 3 April, ahead of the introduction of the new low season timetable on 6 April, when the others re-entered service with the reumption of the service 3 (Skegness - Anchor Lane).

The open top fleet, all based at Skegness depot, is as follows:

15934 (NOA 439X)
15952 (WOI 3002)
15958 (BLZ 1423)
15972 (PIW 4456)
15977 (BLZ 1424)
15991 (TIL 7901)
15994 (WOI 3001)

15934 joined the fleet last year as a closed top, albeit in the Coastal Cruiser livery, as illustrated at Skegness in 2008 below:

Click any image for a larger version.

This year it has become "roofless" and is illustrated below at the new terminus of the service 3, Hardy's Animal Farm, on 24 April:

15934 replaces 15956 (MBZ 7142) which was withdrawn at the end of the 2008 season due to deterioration of the bodywork. At the time of writing it resides at a corner of the depot in Skegness and any re-usable parts are gradually being stripped to keep the remainder of the fleet operational. The engine is understood to be going to 15991 which recently suffered engine failure. An illustration of 15956 in its current state at Skegness depot can be seen below. Oddly, it appears to have been re-registered FX06 AOC!:

Further details will be in the next LEYTR. (PW)