24 April 2009

By George!

Is there really anything wrong about celebrating a saint who has absolutely nothing to do with England and who slane an imaginary creature?

The past few years has seen a massive increase in patriotism, no doubt spurred on by England's rugby, cricket and football teams having relative successes, while at the same time the influx of labour from elswhere in Europe and the world, plus a 'sprinkling' of assylum seekers.

St. George's Day cannot possibly be a bad thing. Whether or not its recent upsurgence qualifies a public holiday every 23 April is another matter.

Ipswich Buses chose to celebrate yesterday's latent festivities by promising free travel for anyone travelling on its services being accompanied by their own pet dragon. If that sounds a little far flung, anyone wearing an England shirt bearing the three lions logo or dressed in full body armour was also entitled to cashless travel.

Depending on how well publicised this offer was, it's something that I think I'd be willing to take up (the England shirt, not taking the dragon for a bus ride)! (GL)