16 November 2008

COMS snatches Brookes Bus from Stagecoach

The City of Oxford Motor Services, the Go Ahead subsidiary trading as Oxford Bus Company, has won the contract to operate the Brookes Bus network from its competitor in the city, Stagecoach.

Oxford Brookes University launched its network of bus services in September 2003, in order to better link the university's main campuses, halls of residence and colleges, which are spread throughout the city. The new contract will commence from July next year and Go Ahead has ordered a new fleet of vehicles for the start date, as did Stagecoach back in 2003.

COMS' new vehicles will feature free wi-fi, something requested by many students at Oxford Brookes who have to endure numerous daily journeys on the network of services in order to pass from colleges to their residences. The services are also used by an ever-growing number of the general public.

From a recent observations, the buses are very well-loaded and seem to be providing a very effective answer to Oxford Brookes' sustainable travel plan. (GL)