06 October 2008

Fares Manuals on CD

Back in May, The Stationary Office, in conjunction with ATOC, chose to cease production of its range of Fares Manuals, which cover all possible journeys on all possible trains operating on the UK's National Rail network. Neither of us had ever purchased any fares manuals, though we'd seen conductors wielding a book of biblical proportions on occasions to ascertain a fare for a passenger. To be honest though, the conductor had to return to his cab first to get the book as it was most certainly not the sort of item you'd manage to carry with you easily at all times!

Now, however, The Stationary Office has released for sale a hitherto industry-only CD that contains all the information previously assembled in the Fares Manuals. The CD does not come with any guidance and since it's an industry production, uses abbreviations and codes that may require a little online research before all its features can be used properly.

We've just this minute ordered the LEYTR copy. I unilaterally made the decision to spend £14.99 (after VAT and postage) for two reasons. Firstly the CD runs separately to the summer/winter timetables, i.e. come December it will not need replacing (well, not until the following month anyway). Secondly the CD can produce all fares between two places without need to search for a specific journey online first. In fact there's no need for the Internet at all - the CD will work pretty much as fast as your computer's processor will allow it to, i.e. instantaneously.

At £14.99 it's a punt that could come in very handy for all sorts of people.

Click here to be taken to the The Stationary Office's online shop to purchase the CD. If purchasing over the Internet is not your thing, the publication has two ISBN numbers: 10-0117025976 and 13-9780117025974. The CD costs, without postage, £10.59.