26 September 2008

The 'Yellow Peril'

Remember the artist's impression we showed you from Classic Bus magazine? I transpired, during a LEYTR Committee Meeting yesterday, that the artist chose to depict a Wright Eclipse Gemini body, adapted so that it could perhaps pass under the Beverley Bar, in EYMS's primrose and riviera blue livery, hitherto only applied to its coaching fleet. At the exact same time, EYMS were coincidentally painting 696 (YX05 EOO), a Volvo B9TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini, in precisely the same livery.

EYMS have assured us that they sanctioned the 'yellow peril' colour scheme to be reprieved onto one of its newest 'deckers long before the Classic Bus photo appeared! Compare Terry Stapley's shot of it below with that in our Classic Bus magazine post and you'll see how well they compare!

Photo: Terry Stapley