18 June 2008

Protestors bring bus to halt

A trial run of the new Boston Into-Town service, was prevented from entering Strait Bargate today by protesters.

Using one of the three slimline Optare Solos, recently purchased by Brylaine Travel, it
carried a number of Boston councillors. On reaching the Market Place at 1100, its planned progress was prevented by protesters from the Better Boston Group, led by Councillors Brian Rush and Anne Dorian.

Ms. Dorian commented, "Overwhelmingly we have the full support of the people of Boston, and we're delighted with the turnout. It's a failed idea even before it's even got off the ground. The Boston people deserve better."

The Boston Bypass Pressure Group submitted a petition to the council earlier this year expressing concerns over the safety of allowing the bus to go through the narrow space of Strait Bargate.

A later attempt to enter Strait Bargate from the opposite direction also met with protesters and was unable to proceed. The decision was then taken to postpone the trial.

The Lincolnshire Highways Authority commented that there was no problem with safety, the buses only being allowed to proceed though Strait Bargate very slowly, and buses successfully operated through pedestrianised areas elsewhere in the country.

A six-month trial scheme of the bus service is due to start on 30 June.