29 May 2008

The End to Shared Berths?

First Great Western has announced that it will no longer allow strangers to share berths in sleeping carriages on it's Night Riviera service between Paddington and Penzance. A spokesman for FGW commented: "'It is considered more appropriate in the modern age to allow people their privacy. 'You wouldn't expect to share a hotel room with a stranger and nor should you expect to share a sleeper carriage with someone you don't know."

Couples will still be able to book a twin berth for £30 each, but all single passengers will have to pay £40 - or £80 for a return journey - to have a berth to themselves. Currently, the company's sleeper carriage can accommodate 24 people sharing twin berths. Under the new rules, it could provide beds for only 12 people travelling alone.

First Group, the parent company, is also considering an end to allowing strangers to share on its London-Scotland sleepers.