14 October 2007

Missing body

During the Summer, locally-owned coachbuilder East Lancs, so named as a result of their location, Blackburn, was placed into administration. The Darwen Group took control of the company and saved around 360 jobs, having a simple strategy: to revitalise the ailing firm's fortunes by promoting investment in key areas.

However, earlier this month the Darwen Group announced that it plans to move away from the traditional heartland of East Lancs in order to improve profitability with the potential loss of 97 employees.

Another aspect of the fall of East Lancs is ongoing in the LEYTR area with the delayed arrival of the third Volvo B9TL double decker to the bus firm Delaine of Bourne, Lincolnshire. Delaine Buses purchased the first-ever two Volvo B9TL chassis fitted with Euro4 standard engines. Both vehicles are fitted with the East Lancs Olympus body and have been received very well by the Company and their passengers alike.

Unfortunately, the third vehicle Delaine have had on order for some time, that was due to arrive in time for the Showbus Rally at Duxford, was delayed and there appears to be no end in sight to the delay. It has been reported that the body hasn't even been attached to the chassis and isn't at the current East Lancs plant at the moment. It has also been reported that the body left the site at the time of administration.

No doubt the Darwen Group and Delaine Buses are working together to take delivery of AD57 DBL with fleet number 143 as quickly as possible.

A copy of Delaine's current fleet list can be seen by clicking here.