19 June 2012

London Underground Working Timetables

Hot-on-the-heels of the exciting developments with Tom Cairns' www.trains.im showing the full working timetable of all passenger services in Britain, I went in search of something similar for London Underground. I knew they existed as a friend's uncle is a Tube driver and saw his copy for the line he drives. But it was marked "Private - for staff use only".

It transpires that all you need to do is to place a Freedom of Information request with TfL and you can not only view the working timetables that are endorsed "Private" but to also have them sent to you to download, keep and potentially print out.

Luke O'Rourke sent a FOI request on 9 June and three days later was in possession of most working timetables, sent in three batches within the same correspondence. They're heavy going for someone not working in the rail industry, and contain more information than contained in the excellent trains.im site.

Also, unlike the trains.im site, they're not as user-friendly, and you have to download the line's entire working timetable to find the journey you want to view, rather than an online search engine. The first dozen or so pages of each edition make for interesting reading, as they contain a fair amount of industry jargon as well as more technical information such as train working numbers and depot allocations.

Click the following link to access the FOI request page where O'Rourke's email and responses and three batches of LUL working timetables are viewable.



G. Tingey said...

Unfortunately, I seem to find the trains-im site amazingly user-unfriendly.
I can't find WTT's anywhere in there, merely a (very wobbly) double-window) that askes for beginning and end of journey positions.

It may be my older o/s, of course?

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd point out that trains.im is not run by Tom Cairns, but by Ian Shortman. Tom Cairns' site is traintimes.im.

I Shortman said...

The trains.im site is indeed instead developed by myself, Ian Shortman.

The WTTs are available by clicking on the "Detailed" button when looking at a journey. Additionally, all departures from a station can be seen by omitting the destination.

If you have any other issues, just drop me a note.

London Underground said...

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Patrick said...

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