01 September 2011

A very fast train!

My father sent me one of those multi-cc'd emails recently, which showed a video claiming to present the world's fastest train. A quick search online, shows it was undertaken in 2007, in a joint venture between French state railway SNCF and train builder Alstom. Sadly, the person who uploaded the video did not authorise it to be embedded elsewhere, so you will have to click on the link below to view it.

Click here.

The video lasts a little over 2:30 and shows a very speedy train indeed, reaching 357mph at its fastest.

But residents whose back gardens will look onto the proposed High Speed 2 line need not worry. Being British, our high-speed electric trains won't travel at anything like 357mph, so the additional noise generated won't affect residents as much, though they will take a little longer to pass.

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Anonymous said...

I want one of those... on the Trans Pennine service!