27 December 2009

Most Popular Blog Entry of '09

The winner of this entry was the same as in 2008, with well in excess of 3,000 people having viewed it by now. Clearly it benefited from being posted much earlier in 2009 and thus had an advantage over our recent Stagecoach sell Long Sutton entry. However its 2008 sister still receives plenty of hits from search engines and other blogs and websites, so we feel that it is to rightly been crowned Most Popular Blog Entry of '09:

Station Usage Figures 2007-8

Even if you're not interested in the railways, you may well be interested in seeing where your local station ranks in the definitive list of mainland Britain's stations on the National Rail Network. As ever the LEYTR Magazines saw in-depth analysis of all stations in our area, and our blog entry detailed the Top 10 Busiest Mainline Railways Stations as well as the Top 10 Least-Used Railway Stations, with London Waterloo (100 million) and Buckenham (97) at opposing ends. We also detailed the Top 10 Busiest Interchange Stations and the Top 10 Least-Used Interchange Stations with Clapham Junction (16.5 million) and Penge East (9) this time being at the list's extremities. We ended by listing the Top 10 Busiest Non-London Stations.

We've received many emails of thanks from readers for this information and have linked to the full data produced by the Office of Rail Regulation from the off.

Readers can rest assured that the 2008-9 data will be reviewed on the LEYTR Blog as soon as it's released. (GL)

Winner - Most Annoying Sign of '09: Nottingham City Council

Winner - Most Unfortunate Destination of '09: Stagecoach Cambridgeshire

Winner - Most Spectacular Crash of '09: US Airways

Winner - LEYTR Eclusive of '09: Bright Tech's Demise

Winner - Favourite New Word of '09: Virgin Trains

Winner - Quote of the Year: Lord Andrew Adonis