31 December 2009

December Review

December saw a total of 29 blog entries, including both this and the 2009 Summary:

1st: Following alterations to rail services that occurred with the December timetable change, we look at the definitive Rail Franchise Map that had also been amended to reflect the changes.

2nd: Contributing writer The LEYTR Stig details alterations planned for later in the month to the Circle Line that will see it become, er, less circular!

3rd: We were the first blog to report the mass exodus of First's coaches from the National Express network, with news that its entire Bristol NX operation would be disbanded from the new year.

4th: Details of which bus/coach operators have been successful in receiving a share of the £350 million grant from the DfT for 'green' buses is made known.

5th: With just one week to go before the biggest shake-up to the Circle Line in London since its conception, it's good to see TfL are at least publicising the change as much as possible.

7th: We review in depth the likely problems - and advantages - that will result in the impending clock-face timetable planned by Network Rail for the East Coast Main Line.

9th: England's worst rail station was officially denounced as Manchester Victoria recently. We review why this could be.

10th: Following a spate of accidents along Edinburgh's historic Princes Street, following the newly-installed tram tracks, the local authority offer cyclists free lessons on how to ride a bike.

11th: With the Spalding-Eye trunk road nearing completion, we bring an exclusive that sees one of Lincolnshire's most important roads change forever upon the route's completion.

14th: An embarrassing error by contractors white-lining the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway rather publicly makes the news - did they use workers from Russia?

15th: Following the floods in Cumbria at the start of the month, we report how Network Rail and its 'construction partners' (sorry!) have built a new station north of Workington in a staggering 7 days. We also exclusively reveal details of the sale of TM Travel to the Wellglade Group.
17th: In the latest attempt by a web advertising agency to sell its client's wares, we detail the minutiae that this very blog would be bound by for just 2p per potential sale.

18th: British Airways' cabin crew's planned strike for 12 days over the Christmas and New Year period was deemed as illegal by the High Court and was thusly suspended.

20th: In the first of the 2009 LEYTR Awards, we present our gong to the body responsible for the most annoying sign of the year.

21st: In the second of the 2009 LEYTR Awards, we present our gong to the body responsible for the most unfortunate destination of the year.

22nd: The third winner of a gong at the 2009 LEYTR Awards was presented with their much coveted prize of a free year's magazine subscription for the most spectacular crash of the year. We also exclusively reveal what is seemingly a 'done deal' between Stagecoach Cambridgeshire and Norfolk Green for the former's Long Sutton depot.

23rd: In the fourth of the 2009 LEYTR Awards, we present our gong to the now defunct company responsible for the biggest LEYTR exclusive of the year.

24th: In the fifth of the 2009 LEYTR Awards, we present our gong to the company responsible for our favourite new word of the year.

25th: In the sixth of the 2009 LEYTR Awards, we present our gong to the company who's train was accidentally responsible for our funniest video of the year.

26th: The seventh gong in this year's glittering 2009 LEYTR Awards was presented to the individual who was deemed to have provided us with our favourite quote of the year.

27th: We review our entries for November and award ourselves (!) for our most popular blog entry of the year.

28th: The penultimate 2009 LEYTR Award was awarded to the anonymous individual who provided us with our funniest rear-end of the year.

29th: We brought an exclusive earlier in the year about maximum seat weights on some Optare and ADL buses operated by Stagecoach; now we bring you pleasing news of a resolution to this thorny issue.

30th: The tenth and final gong in the prestigious 2009 LEYTR Awards went to the jaunt that provided us with the most enjoyment during the year.

31st: You're reading today's entry - the December review of entries and we ended the year with our 2009 LEYTR Summary.