04 November 2009

In the interest of balance

Many thanks to routeone's deputy editor Mel Holley for contacting us regarding the recent post we published comparing the publication's free online edition to the free distribution of London's Evening Standard newspaper.

To correct something we inferred, routeone is not bankrolled by the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT), they are associated with the industry's trade association, supporting it and offering publicity for its shows.

Mel writes: "We do support CPT.... We also support smaller regional operator associations (of which there are a few). And, we support CPT by giving it publicity for its shows (mainly by publishing its press releases, which most other mags tend to ignore). Operators, of course, can choose whether to join CPT or not, but as well as lobbying, it also provides useful help and advice, plus discounts (such as its coach breakdown service) and support (such as its 24-hour Crisis Control for major incidents). If CPT didn’t exist, you can guarantee there would be some other form of national trade association, which we would also support for the simple reason that we are writing for operators and support operators.

We have also been told that the decision to place routeone online for free was done due to the postal strike and not to increase circulation figures, though as we mentioned, an increase in overall readership is comprehensively assured here.

Also in the interests of balance, we've not mentioned details of a railway equivalent - a weekly, free, downloadble e-magazine: Railway Herald. It's quite an informative publication, and its photos are second-to-none. Click here for more details.

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